Sunday, April 19, 2009

~LaSt CLass ETH!Cs~

  • what is ethic

- center on system of moral principles & rules of conduct for behaviour of group (engineering professional)

- for instance, a set of standards & rules of conduct (BEM code of ethics)

  • what are ethucal cases

- issues of proctice, conduct & safety of public

eg: gift bribery, fairness, honesty in approaching research problem, honesty in reporting research, COI (conflict of interest) and CBT

  • what is moral

- center on rules of right conduct for individuals

-refer to generally accepted standards of right & wrong in a society

  • source with the objective to regulate & guide people

- standard (MS, BG, ISO, ASTM, IEC)

-standard operating / engineering procedure / good management / engr / manu. practices

- moral values

- ethics

- code of ethics

- religion, law, regulation, rules, procedure, guidelines

nie mungkin guideline je kut..huhuhu..tak tau la hint ke, bace la semue..(nie je yg mampu sy tulis ari tu, tulisan buruk ms tu, de yg tak faham dh tulis ape..hehehe..)

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