Sunday, April 19, 2009

~Ov3Rv!eW of ETh!cS~

chapter 1 : introduction & the space shuttle challenger accident
- present role of the engineer when safety issues are concern
chapter 2: professional & code of ethics
- cretiria to determine professional & no-program job
- code of ethics
chapter 3: understand ethical prolems
- ethical theories : utilitarianism, duty ethics, right ethics & virtue ethics
chapter 4: ethicalproblem solving technique
- ethical issue (factual, conceptual & moral)
-ethical problem solving technique; line drawing & flow chart
chapter 5: risk, safety & aacidents
- criteria to ensure a safety design; minimum req. a design must comply with the app. law
- types of aacidents: procedural, engineerd & systemic
chapter 6: the rights & responsibilies of engineers
- right & professional responsiblities of eng. whistleblowing
chapter 7: ethics research & experimentation
-major issue in research: honesty in approaching or formulating the research problem & hosnest in reporting the results
- pathological science (mungkin ade)
chapter 8: doing the right thing
- how to do the right things

ni yang sempat salin..tak tau la betul ke tak..


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